Getting Parts to Teach Students About Auto Mechanics

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If you are an auto mechanics teacher in the Vo-Tech department of a high school, you undoubtedly want your students to learn the fundamentals needed to repair vehicles as needed. Dealing with the budget you are allotted to obtain parts to fix vehicles can put you at a disadvantage in showing your students harder projects if you are unable to get your hands on the supplies you need within a designated price range. There are several places you can get auto parts for the purpose in teaching students the art of auto mechanics without spending a lot to do so. Here are a few areas to check out when trying to get parts when money is not in abundance.

Check Out Local Salvage Yards

Auto salvage yards will often strip vehicles of parts that are usable to others. If a salvage yard does not offer this benefit, you still may be able to go into the junkyard to remove parts that you need from old vehicles on your own. This will often be less money in the long run, but will require you to carry your own tools and have a bit of time to search for the models with parts you need. Go to an auto salvage yard with a list of parts you desire as the business may be able to find them at neighboring junkyards if they don't have them on their own property.

Frequent Places Where Cars Are Abundant

Placing flyers at local mechanic shops, auto body services, and dealerships indicating you are looking for particular parts may be a lucrative way to track down specific items you need for classes. If you specify that the parts will be used for teaching purposes, you may even find some people are willing to donate the parts you are trying to find. Alert the owners of these businesses of your intentions before you post your fliers and ask them to pass the word around to their clients.

Go Online to Look for Specific Parts

If you have a vehicle in your students' auto shop in need of repair work, you may be able to find the parts by going online to do your search. Make sure to look at social media groups where others with similar vehicles will post information pertaining to vehicles they are looking to buy or sell. Reaching out to these people may lead you in the direction of someone who has a vehicle available for parts, or you may be able to make a purchase for a specific part needed.

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