4 Things A New Driver Should Be Aware Of About Car Care

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When you are teaching your new driver to drive it is also important for them to be taught about the routine maintenance care they will need to perform on their car. Keeping up with the care of the car will not only help prevent expensive mechanical issues from coming up, but it can also help them avoid certain issues that can become safety risks. Here are 4 things a new driver should be aware of about car care:

1: Any new noise, feel, or smell can indicate a problem

One of the first things you should teach your new driver about a car is that anything that suddenly sounds, feels, or smells different can indicate a problem. They will get to know the car they are driving and if it suddenly picks up any new behaviors of any type, then they should consider this as a sign of a possible problem and have the car looked at.

2: All the fluids need to be checked

Let your new driver know that the oil and water isn't the only fluids that they need to make sure they are checking when they are filling fluids. There are quite a few others that are very important to the overall care of the car. There is also wiper fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and there is even water in the battery cells that should be checked once in a while during extremely hot weather conditions.

3: Protect the car from excessive heat

Don't leave the car for too long in direct sunlight when the temperature is very hot. This can cause the paint to fade and cause damage to the electrical system. It can also lead to the interior and dashboard becoming damaged and brittle, as well as discolored.

4: Take proper care of the tires and brakes

Many people, even those with plenty of car driving experience, will have new tires put on their car and simply forget about them. However, this can and more than likely will lead to early wear and tear of those tires. You need to teach a new driver about the importance of following the tire manufacturers recommendations regarding tire rotation and balancing, as well as keeping the right amount of air pressure in the tires. If the car is going to be parked for long periods of time, it should be started up and moved at least a little bit to ensure too much pressure isn't constantly put on the same art of the tire. If they will be in the sun for long lengths of time, cover the tires with something, even cardboard, to help prevent sun rot.

You also need to let them know the importance of watching for brake problems. A squeaking sound indicates the brakes are needing replacement and a grinding means they have been ignored to long and need immediate attention. Places like Brake & Equipment Warehouse will help you with your brake care needs.