4 Things You Should Expect From A Used Auto Parts Warranty

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Purchasing used auto parts for repairs to your vehicle is much more affordable than buying brand new parts. This can significantly reduce the overall cost you are spending on auto repairs. However, many people are wary of doing this because they believe that used auto parts are not protected by a warranty. However, this is not the case. In fact, you should expect a few things out of a used auto parts warranty that indicates that you are making the best purchase decision. Here are four things to expect:

  1. Three-Month Warranty: Anytime you buy used auto parts, you want to be sure that they come with at least a three-month warranty. If not, then you are not getting the most for your money. After all, there's a chance that the parts can easily give up before that time is up if they are not the best used parts available even after testing has been done. Three-month warranties are standard, so you shouldn't except anything less than that. 
  2. Major Purchases Should Have An Extended Warranty: Good used auto part sellers will provide an even longer warranty for more major purchases, such as an engine or transmission purchase that should at least be a year long if not longer. While this isn't required as a standard in the used auto parts world, you should definitely be on the look out for this before choosing major purchases that don't come with it.
  3. Electric Parts Should Come With a Small Warranty: When it comes to purchasing electric parts, you want to find a used auto parts seller willing to provide a small warranty on the purchase that is at least a month long. Many used auto part sellers won't provide a warranty for electric parts simply because electric parts are always a hit and miss and is never a sure thing upon installation. However, that doesn't mean your purchase shouldn't be protected. 
  4. A Warranty Isn't Necessary for Used Body Parts: If you need to replace any part of the vehicle's body, you don't necessarily have to be on the look out for a warranty on the purchase of the used parts. The only warranty you should be worried about here is the labor warranty for installation by your auto body shop since the only thing that can possibly go wrong would be the installation and not the part itself. 

When you know what sorts of things to expect from a used auto parts warranty, you can be sure that you know what you are looking for so you can make smarter purchases even on used parts for repairs. 

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