How Can You Get Money For Your Junk Car? Here Are A Few Tips To Follow

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You might have realized that your car is on its last legs and it's time to either sell it so someone else can put the work into it to bring it back to life, or to scrap it. If your car is that far gone, you may have to go the scrapping route. You can still get money for junk cars if you follow a few tips.

Find a Buyer

You have several options for selling your junk car for scrap open to you. You can either sell it online at several websites including Kijiji or more specific websites that deal in car parts. You could break the car up yourself and sell its parts such as the CD player, tires or even engine. You can also sell the entire car to a junkyard or scrap yard where they will strip it down and use the metal or re-sell it to companies that will recycle it.

Prove Your Ownership

One of the important things you will need to do especially if you are selling it at a junkyard is to prove you own the car. This means you need to get the title – if you don't already have it and make sure it's in your name. In most states, junkyards and salvage companies can't buy the car from you unless you are the rightful owner of the car.

Know The Car's Value

Instead of just assuming the junkyard or salvage company will know how much the car is worth, even if it's not running, you should know the value of your car. You can check this by looking online at similar cars in the same condition and what they either sold for are what their parts are worth. Take a look at the car as a whole and look for things like does it run? Are the tires still good and do you want to sell them with the car? Can the damage be repaired? What damage does the car have? Is the battery still good?

You may be asked a lot of questions about your car so make sure you know the answers ahead of time.

Remove the Valuable Parts to Sell Yourself

If the car doesn't run properly at all and you have decided to sell it for its parts separately or as scrap metal, then remove the parts that are still good and are valuable. For example, if the battery is new and still holds a good charge, remove it and sell it separately or use it for a car that can take it. Remove the tires if they are in good shape or are new and remove any stereo systems or electronics that you can either put into another car you own, or you can sell on eBay or Kijiji.