Teaching Kids About Car Maintenance

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Teaching kids about car maintenance can help them learn some valuable life skills. One day they will be able to drive a car on their own and this knowledge can really come in handy. When they learn about how auto parts work, they will understand the importance of caring for a vehicle with proper car maintenance. Here are some basic concepts you can discuss with children to get them started:

How Gas Works in a Vehicle

This may seem like a simple concept, but kids will benefit knowing how the gas makes the car go. They have watched their parents fill up at the gas station hundreds of times, so giving them some basic information can get their attention and may leave them wishing for more. Teach them about internal combustion and how the force that is produced fires the pistons which help turn the wheels.

Why you need to Change the Car Oil

Oil changes are another familiar term for most kids and they should know that it is the most important maintenance task. Explain that oil is used to lubricate the engine and all the other moving parts. These parts get very hot due to the friction they experience while in motion. Over time, the oil will break down and not work as it should. If you don't change the oil, there will be too much friction and heat and your vehicle will eventually have engine failure. Oil needs to be checked for its quality and replaced regularly.

Auto Parts like Air Filters and Batteries

Air filters are an easy concept that doesn't need much explaining, but this can be a great show-and-tell moment. Teach them how to locate the cabin air filter and pull it out to see all the dirt it collects. Pop the hood and show them where the battery is. If your kids are old enough, you can even pull out jumper cables to show them how to jump a car battery. Having skills like this as a future driver can be great for emergency situations when they find themselves stranded with a dead battery.

Start talking about auto parts and services now with your kids. They may find a real interest in the subject and want to learn more. This will help them treat vehicles with more care and enable them to be self-sufficient when it comes to caring for their own car one day. Visit an auto parts retailer like Five J'S Auto And Truck Parts Inc. to learn more.