How To Be Competitive On The Track Part Time

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Weekend racing is a common pastime in this country. Every weekend there are races going on at local tracks that are run by local owners, and most of the drivers are young people with a passion for going fast. Just because they are not full-time racers in some large named series, these drivers are no lease competitive. They want to when every week but how do you stay competitive without the big money backers so common in the large race series? Here are a few ideas.

Find Some Local Sponsorship

It doesn't matter if it is amateur drag night at the drag way or a late model on the local dirt track. When the car is carrying someone's advertising, you can bet they will get some business from it. Offering local businesses a spot on your car in exchange for a few dollars sponsorship is a great way to fund the weekend race team. It could be the difference between getting some good tires or spending the money on better engine parts for your car.

Concentrate on Performance

A pretty car has never been a requirement for a winning car. The fact is, you can dump a lot of money into your car and make it look nice, but that is not going to make it win. The performance of the car is far more critical. If you are on a limited budget, concentrate on making the car go down the track faster or through the corners harder. At the end of the race, if they will remember your car if you beat them, no matter what it looks like.

Carefully Consider Using Race Fuel in the Car

Though some sanctioning bodies require a specific fuel, some tracks allow weekend drag racers or dirt tracker racers run race blend fuels, but most still mandate pump gas. If you have an extreme performance tuned engine, race fuel may provide huge power gains but keep in mind, these fuels hover in the area of 100 to 110 octane and often contain lead to increase the octane. If you have a street driven performance car, you might not want to run this fuel, but in an older car that doesn't have O2 sensors and other components that can be damaged by the lead, the performance gain can be noticeable.

Have Fun and Reduce the Stress

Relax while you are on the track, and have fun while you are racing. If you get too stressed you will have slower reaction times, it will be harder to make good decisions, and you may lose your passion for the sport. Being relaxed and confident can make a real difference and make you more competitive week after week.

Talk to a mechanic for information on performance auto parts that will help give you a competitive edge.