2 Signs That Your Engine Is Going Bad

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You want to make sure that your car's engine works as well as it possibly can for as long as it possibly can, especially if buying a new car isn't exactly in your budget right now. That means that you are going to need to pay attention to your engine and know some of the signs of having engine problems so that you can head that problem off at the pass. So, what should you be looking for?

Shaky Breaky Car

One thing you need to pay attention to is if your car is shaking while it's on. It might be hard to tell when you are out and actively driving, but when you are stopped and the engine is still running, you may feel it shake and shiver. That can be a sign of a few things. One is that your spark plugs could be going bad. The spark plugs create a little spark so that when the cylinder gets filled with gas, it will ignite, pushing the piston back down, creating energy and moving your car forward. If one of the spark plugs is going bad or has died, it can cause your car to shake. It may also misfire. Another thing that could cause a shaky car is loose hoses that are letting air into the system at times and places when it shouldn't be there. 

Smoke From Your Engine

Smoke should never ever come out from your engine compartment. If it does, you have a big problem. It doesn't matter what color the smoke is, it can be an expensive fix for you to handle. If you are seeing white smoke coming up from under the hood, that can mean that either you have a cracked cylinder head or your head gasket is broken. Both of these things can mean that you have to either buy a new engine or have your engine rebuilt. If you continue trying to drive around with your car showing white smoke, then you will definitely kill it. If you see black smoke, that can mean that you have an oil leak or oil sitting on your engine. If you have just had your oil changed, you may see a little bit of black smoke when you turn your car on and start driving. That's because oil might have gotten spilled on the engine during the oil change. 

Knowing some signs that your Hyundai Tucson engine is going bad can save you money in the long run.